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Album Review: Christ Air - Christ Air EP

Band: Christ Air

Album: Christ Air EP

Released: 2018

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

Christ Air EP opens with a machine-gun riff created for the sole purpose of encompassing you in a relentless all-out metal assault. “Cause of Death” explores influence from the lightning speed of early 80s thrash and doomy breakdowns. The funky bass-lick from “Expose the Lie” is almost a lie in itself, as the song-style is drastically intensifies without notice, laying more of that old-school riffage to shred.

The theme of unexpected six-string attacks continues throughout the record. “Life Out of Balance” opens as a guitar virtuoso power-ballad, a calm before a war-zone thunderstorm. The following two tracks “Buried Alive,” and “Faceplant,” are two different variations of classic headbangers. A little bit of heavy-groove followed by a little bit of punch you in the face repeatedly.

The album strikes imagination of moshers twirling their hair in a sweaty pit to battle in a desert warzone. It’s packed to the brim with ruthless aggression with each track trying to one-up the other in how it can totally fuck with you. Christ Air EP has tricks and takes turns that will peak the interest of the dangerously curious.

Overall, this record shows no mercy. Christ Air has modernized the sound that thoroughly kicked the ass of the 1980s, taking influence from all of the major players and executing it with their own audibly violent charm. This EP is not for the faint of heart.

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