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Album Review: the C U Next Tuesdays | Fight, Fuck, Drink, Destroy

Artist: The C U Next Tuesdays

Album: “Fight, Fuck, Drink, Destroy”

Year: 2017

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

Grab your black lipstick and vibrator because this is the 90’s-esque empowerment you’ve been waiting for. Being unapologetically blunt is The C U Next Tuesdays approach, and you’re going to have to love it or shove it. Their debut album Fight, Fuck, Drink, Destroy, released December 8, 2017, will make you think the five-member Vancouver band coined the term: grunge. Society, death, lovers, and bad hair are all targets of the powerful all women group.

“Drink Beer And Masturbate” is one of the favourites among listeners, and deservedly so. The song takes 56 seconds to establish that women don’t need a man and the rhythm makes sure the self love motto will be stuck in your head. The band is the epitome of the always beloved and ever evolving West Coast punk scene. The theme of this album is “I have lost my one fuck to give” mixed with a straight-forward “fuck you.”

"Get Busy" sees the band explore their sombre side with a catchy, melodic tribute to those who have lost their lives to the fentanyl crisis. Vocally, the singer channels her inner Brody Dalle of Distillers fame.

Overall, the band delivers performances ranging from electric to haunting, each song being slightly different than the last. The music is all about mistakes and lessons they have now learned from their mistakes. The attitude and energy of the entire album is punk to its core. They're playing the part of the crude bitch no one wants to mess with, and it's working well. There's something to be said for the women playing out the grizzled female we don't usually get to see in society. The C U Next Tuesdays show us exactly why it's so fun to be a C. U. N .T.

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