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Album Review: The Corps | Tales From 2814

Artist: The Corps

Album: Tales From 2814

Released: 2018

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

Recorded right here in Sector 2814, the Corps have unleashed the sounds of superheroic punk rock with their full-length debut. The album opens with the pop-punky “Supergirl,” which is shaded with sounds you’d hear in Tony Hawk Pro Skater. The next song, “Blackest Nights” rides a much thrashier wave, combusting violently from the previous track. The album continues its punk rock assault with the villainous “Greed,” the loud and catchy “Booster Gold,” and the explosive female-sung track: “Diana.”

Lyrically, the band draws inspiration from comic books, more particularly the DC Universe. In fact, the name the Corps is derived from the Green Lantern. Tales From 2814 is ridden with speedy riffs, pounding drums, and melodic guitar leads comparable to some of the greatest punkers from the mid-90s and early 2000s, causing an almost Punk-O-Rama nostalgia. Songs like “Obsidian” and “Rann Thanagar Wars” are a moshers dream.

Mixing elements of pop-punk, skate-punk, and a little bit of thrash, Tales From 2814 has a little something for all fans of the early-Warped Tour musical spectrum. Sharing stories of superheroes, villains, and intergalactic space-wars, the Corps have become a one-stop shop for self-proclaimed comic book nerds and punk rockers alike.

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