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Album Review: Dopethrone | Transcanadian Anger

Artist: Dopethrone

Album: Transcanadian Anger

Year: 2018

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Dopethrone have once again outdone themselves with Transcanadian Anger, constructing an album with a filthy concoction of omnipotent walls of distortion. Their signature self proclaimed ‘slutch’ sound can be described as the most repugnant and revolting noise boisterously blaring and deafening those who dare listen. Music efforts have been further intensified from previous albums which resulted in 35 minutes of angry pulsating face blasting riffs with no break in sight. Transcanadian Anger kicks off with “Meth Planet," immediately piercing your ears with a second of screeching guitar feedback before unleashing a devastatingly heavy combination of bass and fuzz guitar riffs. The first few licks of unrelenting and unforgiving noise dictates the despotic dismay that this album packs, setting the tone for the rest of the album. The destructive trademark growls help tie this whole album together and transpose an already cataclysmic cacophony into an deafening transcendent ecstasy. One of the highlights of this album is the craftsmanship of “Killdozer.” This track is out for blood and anything that stands in its way will be doused in kerosene and set ablaze. The simple yet desolating verses take you by the throat and does not give you a second to breathe as floods of noise seep in. Lastly, the bridge of this song is disgustingly heavy which segways into a burst of chaotic clashing instruments that leave you demanding more.

The trailing end of “Killdozer” leads into a more doom fuelled song, “Scuzzgasm,” which breaks out into a slow and sleazy sludge. This song vicariously exposes you to the hallucinations of a drug induced addict; I’m sober yet I’m rendered incapacitated and feel like I’m melting into my chair while being enclosed in a trance of harsh hitting percussion while this song mercilessly blasts riff after riff. Dopethrone have dealt with their fair share of tribulations from having to cancel a massive 31 tour date including the almighty Maryland Death Fest to the drummer quitting, but fortunate for us, they managed to transform their misfortunes into such a brutal album. It will be interesting to see if they decide to continue with their outraged compositions or dial it back. Regardless of their decision, Dopethrone have nowhere to go but up and nothing will get in their way.

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