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NYLITHIA Share Their Personal Struggles and Utopias On Upcoming Record



“Fast all the time” is the motto that Nylithia has adopted and certainly lived up to. Their energetic and eclectic writing style is establishing an extraordinary cut of thrash metal that is unparalleled within the community.

The band's upcoming album, Goddamn Type I, is taking a more intimate and explicit approach to the album than preceding efforts. In the first released single, “Goddamn Type I,” Nylithia dives into the struggle and adversity of type one diabetes that their guitarist, Royce Costa, is afflicted by. Scott has seen the endeavours that Costa has endured since day one. “I’ve seen what he’s gone through with managing the disease, and the cost and frustration involved. With this song’s lyrics, the way it was musically structured, it talks about what it’s like to have type one diabetes. People don’t really understand because we don’t have it ourselves.” Scott continues: “It’s hard managing it, the costs are very significant. Unless you’re being subsidized by a family member or have a amazing job it’s difficult to be in a band and pay for that kind of stuff.”

The record's title track is an exemplary example of the niche that Nylithia has carved out for themselves. Introducing this face ripper of a tune, a robot entity blandly repeats "type one diabetes" to a slow unsettling buzz while the instrumentals gradually build up a juxtaposing harmony that screams out in rage. They leave you clasping to the edge of your seat for the first 30 seconds before wreaking havoc on listeners with fleeting guitars that Nylithia is famous for. Taking on the more personal approach, the lyrics of this song disclose the discomfort and issues that diabetics continuously battle. The concern, the strife, the anger that diabetes is infamously affiliated with can be vicariously felt through this belligerent and aggressive thrash concoction.

Distinguishing a unique presence in a saturated industry is an arduous adventure and one of the first things a band is judged on is their name. The name Nylithia stems from a combination of nihilism and utopia.

“It’s kind of the dichotomy of that because how can a nihilist have utopia? They hate everything,” Scott states. Aside from appearances, Nylithia is not afraid to venture into unexplored territory within the metal scene and keeps the sound fresh by not following the standard template.

“We’re big into hooks and catchiness,” explains vocalist Kyle Scott. “We’re trying to blend groovy and catchy while playing fast and aggressive.” The combined effort from the members of Nylithia have established a bold, and unconstrained production that inspires fans to tap into their primal instincts.

“[We’re] not limiting ourselves to diminished notes or minor notes by trying to sound evil. We’re not afraid to hit a lot of major chord progressions which a lot of metal bands are afraid to hit because it sounds too happy or poppy.” Goddamn Type 1 is a very personal album for the entire band. Delving into previously uncharted territory. “This album is 100% all about being in Nylithia, the fun stuff, the horrible stuff, the great in-between stuff that we get involved in. That’s why this is a particularly fun one. It’s very personal to us and it’s a close one to our guitarist and the rest of us to see what he’s had to go through to try and keep it regular.”

With the single being an indicator of how this album is going to shape, it’s really interesting seeing Nylthia displaying a different and personal profile all while retaining their roots to kick-ass, neck-breaking, vigorous thrash metal. Nylithia’s sound can be summed up in one word: ‘Hyperthrash.’ Goddamn Type I which is due for this Summer.

Nylithia perform alongside Ninjaspy at the Smiling Buddha Cafe in Vancouver on June 16.

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