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Album Review: Sleepy Gonzales | Dayna EP

Artist: Sleepy Gonzales

Album: Dayna EP

Year: 2018

Hometown: Surrey, BC

Sleepy Gonzales, are now on their fourth EP in a four year run as a band. Released this past spring, Dayna has a lot to say for itself. Starting out in what was characterized as a tiny basement in Surrey, the band is self-described as “Suburban sadness drenched in reverb.”

The EP immediately fills your ears with bright, yet tranquil energy. Paired with soothing, airy vocals, the first track titled “Naoko” slowly coaxes us into a kind lullaby, building back up to an energetic finish, paving a road for future sounds to come.

The EP’s third track titled, “Close Enough” is a breezy, sunny day drive for your reflective soul. With what sounds like a theremin, the song falls into place perfectly with an easy going flow. Melting into the bridge, they play us out, envisioning the open road, wondering where we’re all going.

“Intro” the second last track, is a 7 minute and 25 second groove. Tying the entire EP together, it starts with elegantly haunting vocals, stemmed throughout the track. Layer by layer the song profiles "Dayna" with its contrasting sounds. Bringing together tracks like “Why Do You Have to Make Me Wait So Long” with “Monday Blues” its gentle beat eases into vengeful guitars that have something to prove, rippling through your ears.

Finishing strong with an in your face, fuzz pedal dream, “!IFHY¡” ends the EP with a big “F You” to whomever it was written about. Giving you a chance to sing along with your friends about that one person you really hate.

Sleepy Gonzales’ “Dayna” EP should be on everyone’s summer playlist. Suitable for any day and any time, this album is full of surprises and feelings.

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