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Album Review: Kownterpoint | Kownterpoint

Kownterpoint's self-titled debut is a chaotic explosion of diversified sound, compounded into a tight-knit record over-toned with garagy, jam-band vibes. The opening track “Ramsack Rhumba” is an instrumental piece that feels like an audio tug-of-war between grunge and ska with casual appearances by psychedelic rock and tropical jives. As a whole, this perfectly encapsulates the 12-track record’s overall aesthetic.

“Set the World Free (Not On Fire)” is a washed out, reggae inspired rinse that inspires a story of a world moving towards a self-created catastrophe. “The Gift of Life” stands out for it’s blend of mellowed, ska-like verses, it’s gritty, distorted chorus, and a wavy, dream-like bridge.

The band heads in a straightforward rock direction with the album’s sixth track, “Don’t Take My Advice.” Things continue to pick up with the song most deserving to be in a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game soundtrack: “Don’t Drink Too Much (In the Sun.)” Kownterpoint’s blend of reggae, ska, metal, punk, psychedelic, grunge and garage-rock, continue up to the album’s final offering: “Ain’t Got No Time.”

Overall, the album is an ambitious effort that neatly ties more genres than one could normally imagine. The garagy vibe to the record showcases the group’s pure, raw talent as musicians, and I’m extremely curious to see how the band would sound if produced with a small layer of pop-overtones and aesthetics. I’ll be keeping an eye on these guys and how they evolve from here.

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