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Album Review: Precious Things | We Came to Get Hurt

Precious Things really let their instruments of pop destruction loose in their recent album, We Came to Get Hurt. More of a grunge-rock riot in progress, their loud and soulful shotgun blasts of non-lethal sound will inform you that they’re not fucking around when it comes down to mellifluous revolution.

If you don’t mind taking a chance with your hearing, listen to “Fuck You Pay Me.” Your ears and your senses will be assaulted, that’s a given, but when the short minute and forty-two second rush of adrenaline subsides you’ll be hooked and return time and time again to the sweet subcultured savagery that is Precious Things.

We Came to Get Hurt may end up scaring away the squeamish and the over stimulated with it’s lurid noise making, but if you find yourself wanting to run in fear of your safety, you’ve already been caught up in the emotional riot scene. It drags you in without so much as a hint that you’ve lost your mind to the mob mentality, and takes over your senses with its rich flowing melodies and harsh discourse. The next thought you are conscious of will be: “Am I throwing this molotov cocktail?” as it leaves your once innocent hand and flies into the window in front of you. Hordes of willing participants swarm the electronics posed quietly in the once simple store window as fire spreads to the back of the establishment. You continue to fight with all your strength to avoid being trampled by the angry majority and suddenly your brain regains control, waking you from your harsh day dream.

So here’s to your perfectly healthy thoughts of destruction and mayhem being acted out in the safe soundscape of your mind. Precious things does a fantastic job of emulating a destructive city wide disaster and their musicianship and their raw power will keep you coming back to that burning store time and time again.

We have nothing to do now but to make peace with the fact that this album satiates the drunken angry teenager inside. Whether you were aware it was in there beforehand, or you have just discovered your angry side, Precious things will not disappoint to deliver demonstration through distortion directly to your hat holder.

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