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Album Review: A Scar For the Wicked | The Unholy

A Scar for the Wicked boasts belligerent brutality in their third album release. With The Unholy, A Scar for the Wicked completes the trilogy of soul-sucking shreddage that these Ottawa natives have so deviously been cultivating since the apocalyptic year of 2012. The forbidden fruits of A Scar for the Wicked's tortured loins infects your body and does not loosen its salacious grip until the last of their nasty riffs have been silenced.

Opening with “Born From the Grave,” no time is wasted before the barrage of catastrophic cacophony erupts from this destructive track. Categorized by a devastating balance of growling and screeching vocals paired with cruel guitar and heavy bass, this first track gives only a taste of the awesome annihilation this album brings

A Scar for the Wicked’s title track does nothing to disappoint. Given sheer moments to process the demonic destruction unleashed during "The Unholy," severe brain-melting immediately occurs. Featuring a blood-soaked breakdown, it’s no surprise this gristly concoction of sinful origin is the namesake of the record. Followed by the utter chaos of “Malformed” this album is truly characterized by the stark diversity of each track. Taking the time to showcase precisely how gnarly each musician is individually, while utilizing their predetermined poisonous sound proves how evil A Scar for the Wicked has grown to be.

Jolting starts and brilliant ends are the most dastardly distinction within this twisted troop of tracks. With no way to tell when the doom is done, A Scar for the Wicked has summoned a new age of carnage, which you’ll only be able to witness following the musical decapitation performed in The Unholy.

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