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Album Review: Centauro | Daño Colateral

Releasing a coalescence of metal subgenres to compose an authentic addition to their repertoire, Centauro have released the annihilating album of thrash torment, Daño Colateral, on April 21, 2018. The origin of their name pays homage to one of Mexico’s revolutionary leaders, Doroteo Arango, otherwise known as “El Centauro del Norte.” The hostility and triumph associated Arango are well attested by the arrays of aggressiveness that are exhibited by the band’s dynamic take on the themes of the album and the vigorous instrumentals. Although Spanish is not my native tongue, the brutality that Centauro is able to convey speaks volumes. Starting with a sucker punch, “Aerrante Creación” perpetuates all that thrash stands for and keeps hitting with an amazing amount of fury and aggression. The chorus permits a short gasp of air between the onslaught of belligerence in the verses. To wrap up this rager of an intro, the instrumentals of the band relentlessly clash and create unique concordant harmonic solos.

Switching gears in “Al Pie Del Borde.” At least for the first verse, the sombre and passive melancholy falsely lures one into a contradictive comfort of peacefulness and unease before lashing out with the traditional sound that Centauro have established for themselves. A tapping bass solo takes the spotlight midway through this track to set up for a coordinated, overlapping, instrumental solo composition much like “Phantom of the Opera” by Iron Maiden. The collaborative dueling guitars lead into further dynamic leads with an abundance of bends and pinch harmonics that create an exuberant closeout.

Perhaps the most traditional and ferocious track off of the record, “Colmando un Obscuro Vacio,” decimates right out of the starting gate and commences the frenzied savagery that the final stretch of the recording entails. The chorus of this song bonds the brutality and ruthlessness of this piece with a captivating and energetic ambiance . This entire album is teeming with effervescent showcases of skill and this song is no exception. Creating interesting and compelling solos is no simple feat, but Centauro continuously manages to devise fresh and innovative music.

The musicianship and dedication to their craft is showcased in this killer album. It’s refreshing to see a thrash band create outside of the confines of a traditional genre and distinguish themselves from the thousands of other bands. The artistry of Centauro shows the zealous effort and dedication that was put into this distinguished composition.

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