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Parasitic Ejaculation Cums Horrifyingly Comedic Slam Metal

With a name like Parasitic Ejaculation, the band manages to bust with putridity and repulsiveness of the name and transform that grotesque title into an audible equivalent of malodorous malady for the ears. The name is unquestionably disgusting, but that’s the best part. It has no real meaning of where it came from. It was devised by bassist, Josh Schwartz and his partner for the sake of being gruesome. Slam metal is all about creating barbaric brutality and being as heavy as possible. The instrumentals create sluggish chugs throughout the song while the vocalist howls inhuman noises. Trying to describe the cacophony is like H.P. Lovecraft describing the monstrous horrors of his eldritch universe. There is no clear explanation of what it is and in order to fathom it, you just need to experience it yourself. The vocalist, Jeremy Scott describes Parasitic’s sound as:

“An instrument featured band. Beyond that it’s very bass heavy and punchy,“ Scott explains. “We all have featured parts that stick out and we all have the spotlight, rather than being something that flows as one wall of sound. Everyone has their own moment. It is a great bridge for someone who is not into slam because it’s poppy.” Although gutturals are indecipherable, there is a tremendous amount of research and storytelling that go into them. One of the more complexly titled tracks, “Intrauterine Omophagia,” off of Rationing the Sacred Human Remains depicts the story of two twins in the uterus competing for nutrients as one overpowers the other and eventually outgrows the host. Schwartz has been the primary lyricist and is praised by Scott for his writing ability.

“His descriptions make me genuinely jealous, and some of his verbiage is painfully good. These are the kind of descriptions that I would love to be able to use. The lyrics contain a lot of bodily stuff and that way it can stay comedic rather than trying to be a really serious band that tries to lean on torture. I love comedy spiced horror, and this is exactly what Parasitic is.”

Contributing to the upcoming EP is one thing that Scott is excited to do. “Creating an EP is artistic and that has to have a component that makes it unique,” Scott states. “It’s gotta be b-side and different. There has to be some weird stuff that would not be on the CD. I would love to incorporate a decent [amount] of medical terminology to this release. Parasitic deserves it and I think it would be very interesting."

Hearing the dynamic range that Scott can reach, as well as his love for the use of complex biological terminology, it is really exciting to see how Parasitic Ejaculation will change from their last release. Listening to their previous work already feels like an audible curb stomp and it will take a lot to exceed their previous record. However, Parasitic Ejaculation never fails to disappoint and with their new powerhouse virtuoso. This upcoming tour and release are something that you do not want to miss and will leave you drained and satisfied.

Parasitic Ejaculation will be performing alongside Pathology, Aenimus, and local bands, Cryptic Enslavement and Blackwater Burial on August 8th at the Astoria in Vancouver.

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