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Album Review: La Chinga | Beyond the Sky

Picture this: It's 1970. You're a rock god. Invincible and the crowd is chanting your name. Your guitar solo fills the ears of the masses one note after another. Then, you open your eyes to find yourself in the year 2018, in your overpriced apartment listening to Vancouver's own power rock trio La Chinga and their new album Beyond the Sky.

Forming in 2012, this tequila-fueled band will without a doubt take you on a musical journey through time. Beyond The Sky, released through Small Stone Records is La Chinga's third album. Its cross-generational sound provides songs for everyone, mixing elements of psych rock and classic rock with a hard edge. The record's first track titled "Nothin’ That I Can't Do” sets the tone for the record with wailing guitar solos, polished backing vocals and lyrics oozing with confidence.

The album's first single, "Killer Wizard," is accompanied with a music video. Giving listeners a visual on the aesthetic that the band wants to melt our faces with. "Killer Wizard" is a prime example of the band's theatrical lyricism and storytelling abilities. The theme continues with "Feel It In My Bones" and "Beyond The Sky."

"Mama Boogie," the third song on the record is a raw rock 'n' roll track. The psychedelic bridge features a guitar solo that drifts you off into a river infused with multiple pedal effects filling in the gaps, while working cohesively with drums and bass. The stoner rock is real in this one.

Bringing the album to a close is the second to last track called “H.O.W". This tune is sure to be a crowd favorite distinctly written for live performances with the start of the song amping up the listener. The song is followed by the high octane "Warlords," finishing off Beyond the Sky with a bang.

Keeping the album consistent with high energy and full sound maintaining momentum until the very end. Beyond The Sky, similar to the rest of La Chinga's discography, is certainly an album for listeners who to hop into a time machine, craving for music to be made the way it used to be.

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