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Album Review: The Spewers | Cowshit, Corn & Crackheads

Chilliwack's premiere pastorcore farm-punk poster-children the Spewers have finally dropped their highly anticipated LP Cowshit, Corn & Crackheads, which allegedly serves as a tribute to their hometown. Beneath the band’s self-deprecating, sarcastic exterior lies a blazing, street punk inspired sound layered with thrashing riffs and raw grit. It’s an offering that takes their unresolved bottled emotions and smashes the teenage angst-filled glass over your head relentlessly for 20 blissful minutes.

The album’s opening track “TSHNW” is a speedy instrumental track topped with religious speech samplings. It sets the tone for what the album is musically, as the following tunes “Take Me to the Morgue,” “Self Conflict,” “Low Life” and every other song, really, assaults the listener with yelling, pounding, and speedy grooves to lust over. The Spewers would probably take pride in comparing Cowshit, Corn & Crackheads to a raunchy fucking that most likely involves cowshit, corn, and crackheads, but only if you’re into that kind of thing.

The album slows down in pace for the beginning “Woodworm,” embalming listeners with grungy waves before picking up in speed and slowing down again. The final track, “Surrounded by Steeples,” cherry-tops Cowshit, Corn & Crackheads with the album’s signature “smack you with our hogs repeatedly” vibes.

Overall, these self-described poser-punk alter boys fapped out a solid cut that would be most appreciated by fans of raw, DIY records, street punk, and early hardcore. They will make you question your lack of faith, and turn to a life of abstinence. You will feel inclined knock on stranger's doors and spread the gospel of the spew, hiding burnt copies of Cowshit, Corn & Crackheads in your neighbors' mailboxes.

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