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New Release: The Stone MG's | I Need You

Texas Rock 'n' Roll duo The Stone MG's have dropped their newest single "I Need You,” a song that takes the listener through the journey of addiction. Self-described as a clash like "Two cars on a dim lit street," it’s what makes The Stone MG's who they are. Vocalist Rodney James and guitarist-slash-bassist SJ Warman give us new blues with a rock 'n' roll edge.

As the track begins, James' vocals from the first note are filled with strong emotion, the sound of his voice expressing the tone and feeling of the song alone. With lyrics like "Shelter undercover/ the desire never satisfied," and "If you scream you love me/I'll be your whore and give you the only thing worth dying for."

The listener begins to understand the dependence and obsession of the user and the destructive nature of addiction. The song continues with a gradual tempo of drums and bass complimenting each other all the way to the chorus. The song ends with a saxophone solo, howling out with distress. It fades out with background vocals singing the words "No," and "Yes," creating the back and forth in one’s mind when addiction is coming through. Reminiscent of music from the 1970’s,The Stone MG's are more than just a garage rock band. Instead, they pull from several different genres and decades, putting out a fresh sound that is ageless.

The band also released a music video that very much accompanies the subject matter of the song. As the video progresses, similar to the song, we walk through the progression of addiction. How want becomes a constant nagging need, ultimately taking over.

Created by Nalani Williams, the video is a stylized black and white animation, profiling different types of consumption that affect everyone and anyone. It’s a static that leaves the user depleted yet itching for more in a decomposing state.

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