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New Release: The Velvoids | Absolutely Nothing

Athens, Greece-based power duo The Velvoids have released a new music video for their song "Absolutely Nothing," filmed and directed by Themistocles Lambridis. The song was released as a double A-side, titled What You Know / Absolutely Nothing, and proves to have the perfect combination of tension and release. Quiet in the best way, the soothing, even-tempered background vocals guide us through the entire track.

According to the band, "We wanted to work with friend Themistocles Lambridis who was the director behind a documentary release in 2015 about snowboarding in Greece titled The Thing About Greece, who had asked for one of our songs to use in his film. As fellow skateboarders, we became friends. He's used our music for numerous films after that. This year he had prepared another short film titled THE IGLOO PROZEKT and had asked to include 'ABSOLUTELY NOTHING' for it. We liked it so much we asked him to edit a video for us with shots from the film."

The Velvoids have had their music featured in numerous independent films, short films, and documentaries. Listening to their music yourself is nothing close to surprising. Velvoids create art that you feel and see, merging wonderfully with visuals, creating sounds that make just about anything in life appear extraordinary and beautiful.

Forming in early 2003, the Velvoids worked quickly to release two EP's by December of that year. By 2004, they had recorded and released their first full-length album. In 2005, The Velvoids decided to go on a hiatus. Vice Lesley, who originally formed the band, continued to work on music, releasing solo singles all while doing exhibitions of his paintings and collages. As 2006 rolled around, Vice met Dorah X.

With Dorah joining on the drums, The Velvoids became a duo. They continued on, touring and creating a name for themselves, rebuilding an even bigger following. After releasing several more EPs, the duo started dabbling in sound experimentation. Finally, in 2014, the duo released another full-length album entitled Polynesia Baby. The record sold out of the first pressing within months. Vice and Dorah eventually married in 2016 and continue to release more music including an upcoming album set to release in 2019.

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