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Album Review: Colors Of Noise | Max Lee

It seems as though the indie scene is getting crowded with a new artist coming onto mainstream media everyday. As they come and go, there are only a handful of musicians who are unwaveringly passionate and determined to leave their mark in the music world. This time, this recording artist seems to be New York-based singer Max Lee. The experimentation of his new album Colors of Noise is evidently influenced by indie, punk, electronic, and grunge. The songs flow effortlessly into the next one, maintaining a similar beat and feeling.

From the first song “Finders Keepers,” the listener immediately transcends into this dark space of which the only colour that appears is sparked by the synthesizers and drum beats. The beginning of the song does not only serve as an introduction, but also foreshadows the philosophical woeful feeling of the entirety of the blissful album. “No Debt” starts with the gentle sound of arpeggiated guitar. Thereafter, the tone immediately calms down, but is soon picked up and resurrected into the stylings of fast-paced indie punk sounds.

“Could Be” launches you into space with this heavily electronic Flaming Lips inspired song. The feeling you get while listening to it is astronomical.

The synchronization and flow of the entire compilation of melancholy sounds and lyrics of Lee’s music is pure bliss. The consistency of the album's beat leads you to believe that its entirety is one long melodic, electronic lullaby. Lee's voice carries into a space that can only be described as dark, but sparks fly with every note. Simple and airy, feelings start flowing naturally and listeners are able to relate to his lyrics effortlessly.

The last song "Breathe" is more isolated in a way that almost says goodbye to the listeners. The album ends on a life lesson, and the words “It’s just a part of the life cycle” are repeated until the music eventually fades out.

The way that Lee experiments with different genres to create his music is truly inspirational to anyone wanting to create music. Many think that creating music requires an expensive recording studio along with other people to play the instrumentals, when all you really need is the drive and passion that Lee transparently obtains from his inspirations such as the Flaming Lips, Beck, Talking Heads, and Radiohead. Somehow, this incredible human force is able to make music of the present and past simultaneously. The way Lee delivers his lyrics so confidently with his smooth and velvety voice makes you lose yourself in the album.

"I recorded everything on the album by myself. I mixed it, mastered it, and released it all on my own - and nobody helped me do it. There were a lot of people who made it possible, don't get me wrong, but to me that shows a something about the individuality and uniqueness that we all have, and that when you set your mind to it - anything is possible. Nobody can really stop you from doing what you want to do but yourself," says Lee.

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