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Album Review: Avenue B | The Goldwyn Experiment

Pop jazz? How about progressive rock-pop? Jazz rap? No matter what obscure combination of genres gets you going, Avenue B by The Goldwyn Experiment pretty much covers all the bases. Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Goldwyn Thandrayen draws upon his past musical experiences in a death metal band, a blues band and a wedding cover band in order to assemble this eclectic 11 track offering.

With such a vast background, the real beauty of Avenue B lies in its inability to conform to one genre, or even to two genres. Thandrayen's vocals are all over the place, wailing and meandering, rollercoastering in range and ferocity before plummeting back down into slow ballads. It's impossible to predict what kind of track will come next, especially when piano, upright bass, drums and guitar are all at play.

The fourth track introduces another curve ball, with the rap banger "Sad Boy Summer" featuring Tyler & Atomic Tommy. It's a catchy sing along, perfect for, well, summer. The music video showcases the trio taking on the Vegas strip, doing all kinds of illicit, Vegas-y rapper-type things, like, y'know, assaulting cops and doing cocaine while driving down the freeway. Typical things that everyone does on their summer vacations.

Meanwhile,"Whale Jail" is about as intriguing as its title, with the first verse sang en francais. No doubt influenced by his upbringing in numerous countries across the world, this song patches together a lifetime of experiences in to a tidy, complex little package. If not for Thandrayen's distinctive voice, one might think that all of Avenue B's tracks were from separate albums from all different genres.

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