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New Release: Lord Sonny the Unifier | FINAL NOTICE!

Introducing a new track from everyone’s favourite genre: biker psychedelia.

“Right in Your I” by Lord Sonny the Unifier is the perfect mix of gritty and sweet, similar to gravel dipped in the finest artisan caramel, or maybe a sandbox filled with sugar. Gravelly in the most soothing way, “Right in Your I” features wailing vocals, broken up with cheery piano solos and dark, spiraling guitar riffs.

A safer alternative to back alley fist fights, Lord Sonny the Unifier makes the listener nostalgic for a biker life, regardless of whether that’s something they’re into. “Right in Your I” is the track that plays in a smoky bar where everyone knows each other, and is the musical equivalent of getting punched in the face and then immediately kissed on the cheek. It could also potentially be a lost track from the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack.

As the feature single off of the upcoming album FINAL NOTICE! , “Right in Your I” gives listeners just a single dose of the trip that is to come. Set to release February 13, 2019, the title tells a difficult, yet relatable story just within its simple, two-word title. According to the band:

“The title, FINAL NOTICE! is the bright orange letters we get in the mail after the many previous warnings. This warning is it, one last chance before they come and take away whatever it is you have left. They've sent the first few letters of notice, payment due, and this is your final notice. Pay up now, one last chance before they knock on your door and kick it down and start confiscating whatever you got. Sometimes it seems like we're at the Final Notice stage. Better realize who's creating this havoc, how to recognize them, why are they doing it, and what to do about them.”

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