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New Release: Adam Rose | Levitate the Base

Adam Rose isn’t fond of being categorized. Lucky for him, Rose’s newest album Levitate the Base is nearly impossible to fit into one genre anyways. While the album is strictly instrumental, Rose’s written creativity manages to shine through in his next-level song titles, such as “Swampy Thang”, “Freaky Fried Flapjacks” and “Slam Dandy.”

Although exclusively instrumental, the lack of lyrics doesn’t take away from the album itself as some might expect. Quite the opposite, in fact. The wide variety of instruments appearing in each song comes together in such a complex way that it almost forms its own voice. Combining the sounds of pianos, various types of drums, cellos, violins, brass and woodwind instruments, and even didgeridoo and kazoo, the drawn out twangs and winding riffs of Rose’s masterful guitar playing is undoubtedly at the forefront.

While some tracks sound like they could potentially be in the opening title of a mystery movie, others give off 80’s vibes, while some lull you into a tranquil state due to the repetitive, relaxing loops of endless instruments winding in and around each other. No matter what track is playing, it’s all feel good music whether it’s a three minute mix or a ten minute concerto.

Rose sums up the ideology behind Levitate the Base as a whole, saying, “It is symbolic of taking all the shattered pieces of my life and forming one cohesive art form. The symbol also extends to my larger vision for humanity to rise up, and no longer be content with living lives of subservience, toil, and meaningless."

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