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New Release: Astral Cloud Ashes | Get Out to New York

Astral Cloud Ashes have released their newest track titled "Get Out to New York," a song that is no doubt relatable to anyone who has ever been urged and pushed to do something that other people think is best for them.

Starting in 2016, the New Jersey-based project is written and performed by Antony Walker in the studio. Without a current live setup, the project has been 100 per cent studio-based, with some contributions from Jason Neil on backup vocals and Max Saidi on drums along the way.

"Get Out to New York" is about a man who is continuously told to go to New York with promises of a successful future in return. The song is thought to be set in "unmentionable times of the distant past," a term Ayn Rand used in her futuristic novel Anthem published in 1930. Playing off of the novel, Anthem inspired the song to be set in a dystopian version of New York, a disturbingly short time away in 2020.

"The song is called 'Get Out to New York,' but it could have just as easily been called 'Ode to Ayn Rand,'” Walker explains.

The song starts out calmly with clear-toned guitars, quickly kicking into a fast, upbeat tempo beginning with the lyrics, "Don't you get it/Don't you get it/Move out to New York," which stress that New York is the best option whether the person on the receiving end of the advice believes it or not.

Slowing it back down for the bridge, everything quiets down for a moment of reflection. Going back into the jovial chorus towards the end of the song, the musicality is contrasted by the lyricism. Focussing on the stress of decision making, “Get Out to New York” forces the listener to look around at the state of their surroundings.

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