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Album Review: Hardcore | Dead Friends 46

Southern Californian band Dead Friends 46's newest release Hardcore creates a pure punk vibe that will take you back to the roots of music, often drawing inspiration from bands you would find in the mid to late 80s. The band's latest project comes out of the gates at full force, placing you right in the middle of the mosh that’s felt with the band’s old school spirit. A spirit that is filled with strength, force and exertion that doesn't hide itself one bit.

Dedicating each show to close loved ones who have fallen due to drug and alcohol abuse, the band's motivation to share their struggles and stories have made a strong influence on the driving force behind the album, one that exuberates energy.

Introductory track "The Firm" grasps firmly with its uptempo bass line, setting the tone to a landscape of attacking drums and powerful guitar riffs. Brash lyricist and vocalist Don Mazza intertwines with the rhythm of the track, accelerating together from zero to 60 as the band brings an onslaught of energy that fills the spirits of anyone listening to it. It'll have you wishing that you're inside of a mosh pit, bouncing around at high speeds as you listen to the rhythm and speed of the drum. Drummer Andy Spraker's foot on the pedal doesn't cease as the band continues explosively into the rest of the album.

"Whistling In The Dark" maintains the energy as the lyrics enter a more personal and introspective perspective, morphing into a mind-spiralling confusion. Being lost in the world is one thing, but being lost in one’s own mind is another. The lyrics inject a scream of, “demons swirling all around me”, producing a sense of relatability to those who’ve had a tear in reality. This introspection is expanded upon in songs throughout the entire album.

Finally, the album ends off with "Dead Friends," paying homage to the memories of lost loved ones. The intensity of the album slows down for this track, with the naming of those that the band had a personal attachment to. The energy that is left lingering is one that doesn’t seem to escape.

Dead Friends 46's sound is incredible, the intensity of the album phenomenal, and all backed with lyrics that have no lack of authentic experiences behind them. Dead Friends 46 sheds light on the personal struggles found in alcoholism and drug abuse, showing the interplay of chaos in the mind during times of hardship. They include 80’s hardcore ferocity that will leave you wanting more, and the power, energy and force of this record will leave you in awe as it imbues an outburst of intensity. For those lacking energy, listen to this album. Coffee is not needed.

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