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New Release: CHOSEN SONS | Post Death Soundtrack

“CHOSEN SONS” by Post Death Soundtrack is not meant to comfort you, nor does it pick you back up once it ends its musical crusade of truth. The Vancouver duo’s lead single leaves you floundering in the hopelessness of reality, with the track providing a powerful commentary on extremist groups.

"In the words of member Steve Moore, "Organizations like ISIS happily recruit child soldiers online and enjoy the luxury of selective, self-referential truth. Donning their black masks and strutting in the parade, this is our ode to these huffing and puffing children, these chosen sons.”

The track opens as jarringly as a train whistle, demanding your attention with instrumentals that are reminiscent of down tuned air raid sirens. The only break from the heavy lyrics and electro-doom aura comes three minutes in, interrupted by silence and the sounds of water droplets echoing in a cave. Then, cue some vague, ominous footsteps.

Even the break doesn’t really let you have a break from the unsettling ballad.

The mix of anger and injustice that stems from “CHOSEN SONS” has now been reinforced with the recent release of the accompanying music video. A hard-hitting video for a hard-hitting song, the visual aspects and musical aspects haunt you in different ways.

The video takes the viewer through a looping, spiralling mausoleum, tunnelling through skeletons and monsters, dimly lit stone and bones. It’s a CGI adventure that never lets you get steady footing. The repetitive, dark visuals lull you into a type of trance as they morph around each other, intertwining and separating, letting you really focus on the lyric content. It’s essentially the musical equivalent of trephination.

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