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Rozu Keeps Their Foot on the Pedal With Upcoming Tracks

photo credit: Dave Gaslin

photo credit: Dave Gaslin

Colorado-based Rozu are a brand new band with a whole lot of heart. With two singles released since forming in January of 2018, the band has a lot on the horizon and are gaining momentum quickly. With each member being a driving force in their previous projects in the Denver music scene, the band joined together when their endeavors disbanded, creating a band made up of strong musicians with most of the members being singer/songwriters.

The band's first two releases land under the umbrella of post-hardcore and metalcore influences. Accompanied by heavy guitars, the tracks have many different layers of vocals giving the songs extra depth and giving us a taste of the diversity in genres and sub-genres that Rozu is capable of.

Rozu's most recent track "Faceless" addresses the struggle with depression and anxiety. It speaks out about learning to cope with those struggles in a healthy way:

‘"Faceless’ in particular, it's like a third person perspective of an inner dialog between myself and my conscience, and really just trying to open that up and not keep stuff in and not going straight to a bottle or drugs to help me just feel numb," Graham reveals.

After the release of “Faceless,” Rozu posted on their official Instagram encouraging fans to reach out to them if they’re struggling or feeling alone.

"I always try to write these lyrics that are heavy on my chest and really are from that personal feeling that I've experienced. That way it’s genuine, and it’s real, but I always want to find and show that light at the end of the tunnel," says Graham.

Making it a focus to stay genuine with their lyricism and sound, the band continues to give every song their all, working in the studio for a 2019 release and striving to be a band that always stays true with honesty and emotion in each track.

"A band singing these words actually genuinely feels that, and that's something that I've always made a goal for myself. I wanted people to hear it and hear the emotion in my voice and the words I use and how pissed I am, but also how happy I am in some parts," reveals Graham.

This is only the beginning for Rozu. 2019 proves to be an exciting year for the band, starting with the release of their new track "Anchor" on January 15th. This will be followed by playing their first show and releasing their debut album, just proving that Rozu won't be slowing down anytime soon.

"We're not taking our foot off the pedal."

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