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New Release: Single | Scotty Seed

Scotty Seed’s newest single, simply titled Single provides a wide scope of the artist's talents, skillfully encapsulated in three songs. The grouping of tracks display a large amount of potential behind Seed and his music as the album delves into various genres.

"Faust (I Can't Escape)" starts out with an upbeat dance mix which carries with it an almost industrial feel. It's heavy, but not so much so that the everyday listener can’t enjoy it. The heavy, pulsating bass mixed with lo-fi vocal backings is followed with a Witch House vibe, but with a more uptempo rhythm. The electronic track will leave you wanting more like it.

"Trephination" slows down in comparison. Introduced with a slow, building beat that morphs into an electronic-filled vocal tracking, it's reminiscent of 80s new wave. The phasing behind Seed’s voice throws the listener back to early electronic, while still maintaining the uniqueness created by Seed’s vocals.

The single's final track "Pig" takes a completely different angle from how the single started. "Pig" truly displays the potential Seed has in genre mixing, as the song starts with raw bass sounds intertwining with a guitar riff that creates a psychedelic feel. This is complemented by the vocal delay as Seed maintains his clear uniqueness and originality in terms of the single's production.

Overall, this three song single is a great introduction to a great new artist. Single shows no bounds to Seed’s potential. Seed’s sound, taking inspiration from many genres of music, makes the single all the more enjoyable. Each track keeps you on edge for the next, and Single as a whole keeps you on edge for new releases to come.

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