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New Release: Twisted | Best Intentions

Nashville’s pop-punk trio Best Intentions kick off their 2019 with a catchy song to propel themselves into the new year.

New single “Twisted” is a track that highlights the personal struggles of a toxic relationship. Though the deeper meaning behind the song may be sad, the track itself is set with an upbeat tone. The lead vocals are crisp and dynamic, bringing a catchy hook that will entice listeners to put the song on repeat.

Lyrically, the song teases the band’s potential by putting together an anthemic piece through the various layers of instruments featured on the track. Though Best Intentions features a wide range of sound, it doesn’t feel overwhelming since every instrument seamlessly works together.

The percussion on "Twisted" is tight and lively, keeping the song’s energy and rhythm structured. Overall, the instrumentation of the song is invigorating, and the infectious chorus will further ingrain this song into the listener's head.

Best Intentions starts off the year with this refreshing single, which is just a treat for what's to come later in the year. The band is looking to release their debut album in summer of 2019. This single is just a glimpse into the trio’s potential and the potential behind their overall sound is something to look forward to.

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