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Album Review: Damon Mitchell | Elise

Written by Slone Fox

Damon Mitchell has effectively time traveled from the 1960s to present the world with his newest EP Elise. In the simplest of terms, it sounds like something your parents would’ve listened to back when they were still hip and young, wearing bell bottom jeans and those tiny circular sunglasses. Maybe even making daisy chains or shining up their go-go boots.

In short, it’s good vibes.

In long, Elise kicks off with the pop ballad “Heist” which is likely the happiest song ever written about a robbery or falling in love with the aforementioned robber. At first listen, it could be about something as pure as sparkles, or maybe grandmas. It’s uplifting, and the kind of song that might play in the background of a movie while a business man strolls happily down the street after ditching his office job and learning the true importance of family.

But I digress.

On Elise, no two songs sound like they’re from the same album, making it impossible to pigeon hole the tracks into a single genre, or even two or three genres. Featuring flugelhorns, harmonicas, fiddles and more, Mitchell shines through on his six-string, truthfully claiming, "There's unity amongst players within multiple genres on this record."

With such a polished and complex sound at such a young age, Elise is the wicked throwback you never knew you needed.

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