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Album Review: Liars, Freaks & Fools | Ivan Beecroft

If LIARS, FREAKS & FOOLS was an object, it’d be your dad’s old leather jacket from the depths of the crawlspace: substantial, familiar, and cool as hell. Ivan Beecroft does not create your average throwaway music, instead opting for something that sinks its claws into you and refuses to release even after the song is over, much like a leech to skin or a tick on your leg. LIARS, FREAKS & FOOLS is Beecroft’s newest contribution to the world of cynical rock, the whole album bursting with a beautiful combination of over-sized-flannel-warm-beer-and-greasy-Kurt-Cobain-hair grunge.

If the past is any indication of the future, LIARS, FREAKS & FOOLS is destined for greatness. Beecroft’s previous album Whatever featured the track "She Said" which reached number 23 on the alternative charts, beating out the Foo Fighters, Marilyn Manson, and Beck, just to name-drop a few. When it comes to the big dogs, the baritone-voiced Beecroft holds his own, with cuttingly real lyrics and an inspiration drawn from the vulnerable areas of his life.

While lyrically LIARS, FREAKS & FOOLS could be considered a bit dark and heavy for the most part, these tracks are broken up by lighter songs. Inspired by both his highschool sweetheart turned wife and the nostalgic sounds of his parent’s vinyl collection, Beecroft has a way of making you both empathize and rise up, hug your loved ones and take down capitalism. Set to release on May 11, LIARS, FREAKS & FOOLS is one to watch for.

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