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Single Review: Best Intentions | At the Ocean

Written by Slone Fox

Best Intentions encompasses the feeling of a mid-2000’s Warped Tour, with a sound that feels like Simple Plan or We the Kings could be hiding just around the corner. Their newest single “At the Ocean” sounds like the song you’ve had stuck in the back of your head since you were a teenager, and now you’ve finally managed to put your finger on it. It’s fresh and nostalgic all at the same time.

Hailing from the Hannah Montana capital of the world, the Nashville-based quartet is made up of vocalist Tony Pietrafesa, guitarist Matthew Kleinman , bassist Evan Aliquo and drummer Jim Collett. Like a tiny, tender baby, Best Intentions was originally birthed in Philadelphia by Kleinman back in 2016 before moving on to bigger and honky-tonkier things in Tennessee. In a land literally known for its country music, playing pop-punk/hard rock/ regular rock is double the rebellion that it would be anywhere else.

Best Intentions is currently working on their debut album, set to drop sometime this summer. In the meantime, your Best Intentions fix can be filled by checking out their newest music video for “At the Ocean” which features the guys kicking musical ass in a classy mansion, cut with clips of, you guessed it, them at the ocean. It’s a summer anthem that’ll take you back to simpler times where jeans were tighter and there was nothing wrong with wearing 100 bracelets on one arm.

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