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Album Review: The General Maynyrd Band | Self-Titled

Written by Slone Fox

The General Maynyrd Band (not to be confused with Maynards, who make delicious wine gums) are a hodgepodge of musicians from other projects who have come together to create a beautiful, psych-rock lovechild. Hailing from San Francisco, the septet of veteran rockers consists of Daniel Erik, Dave Combs, Will Kyriazis, Dan Ingberman, Tom Relling, Patrick Shields and Drew Southern, all coming from bands such as Hibbity Dibbity and Crooked Flower. When songs were created that didn’t necessarily fit into their previous musical ensembles, The General Maynyrd Band became a safe haven for such tracks.

The self-titled album opens with “Talkin’ to my Fish” in which every instrument works both together and against each other to create a musical stutter that sounds like a heartbeat out of rhythm. Eventually, the track effortlessly glides into some smooth, 70s-esque psychedelic rock, the kind that sounds like it could be something your grandparents would play on the oldies station in their car, yet simultaneously is still fresh and new.

With touches of funk and hints of soul, The General Maynyrd Band is a throwback while still being brand new. It’ll make you want to purchase some bell bottoms and grow out one of those disgusting 70’s mustaches in the best way possible. It’s a powerful debut album that’s noticeably been polished and refined to perfection while still staying true to the heart of the album, giving a professional sound that many bands wish their first albums had.

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