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Album Review: Joey Chaos and the Ghosts | Elegy EP

Joey Chaos and The Ghosts have released their 3 track EP this past winter titled ELEGY. The self-proclaimed "dark wave angels" out of East Van supply us with a futuristic soundscape while keeping their sentimentality to classic 80's darkwave. Written as a response to political discord, social ennui, love, addiction, and death, ELEGY puts forth that energy with its lyricism and tone.

"We’re crisscrossing wire /Connecting desire /

Just don’t tell the machine/ I found love on my screen"

The EP's first track, "Netlove" Speaks about the constant need for connectivity of one another, creating an idea of self-worth through a screen. The track stresses to us the idea of finding love and it being skewed by the reliance of successful engagement. Craving positive feedback through a machine.

"Elegy" is atmospheric as well as haunting. Masked as an upbeat track, a dark contrast comes through with the weight of its lyricism. A commentary on the tossing and turning of loss and the thoughts that come with it.

The last track, "Distortion," holds up to its name. Heaviest of the trio, the song opens with trudgy guitars, creating a different change of pace while circling back to it's "dark music to dance to" chorus. It creates dimension to the album while tying it together nicely.

With most of the album recorded live, The EP is raw, yet clean. With just three tracks, Elegy breaks into volumes of emotion on all spectrums. Inviting the listener to immerse themselves,whether its an 80s sci-fi movie soundtrack or sounds that keep your dancing shoes on.

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