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Album Review: AK747s | Movies

Written by Slone Fox

In a political landscape infested with bootlicking, red-hat-wearing, female-body-controlling borderline nazis, the newest album Movies by the AK-747s is the perfect thing to get you riled up in the face of a fascist-driven impending doom. It’s a musical fist in the air, a metaphorical crowd shoving back against riot gear. Whether it’s the frantic vocals of Rob Nuclear wailing and warbling lines such as “You got a MAGA hat? / Just new hoods that / Well sign me up with /The goddamn Antifa” in "Fucked Up" or perhaps more subtle lyrics such as “Call the cops/ All the cops / Kill the cops / All the cops,” in the album's opening track "Snitches," you’re undoubtedly in for a good time.

In addition to the well-refined mayhem that is Nuclear’s vocals and guitar-playing, The AK-747s also feature drummer Craig Wigby who plays as unhinged as a heart murmur, followed and matched by an unstrung Dylan Kirby on bass. Together, the trio presents each and every note as a tick-soled, leather boot to the face.


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