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by Slone Fox

The Vancouver-based punks in Aversions are set to debut their breakout EP Base Portrait on all streaming platforms on March 27.

The perfect amount of yell-y, spoken word-y and sing-y, the six track EP is the trail mix of music, minus any gross metaphorical raisins that you’d have to pick out. There’s something for everyone, from five-minute heavy hitters like “Night Class” to fast and furious quickies like “Bill Got Got.”

While it may be the band’s debut album, their sound is clean and refined as if it were their tenth release. The droning guitars in “Cistern Chapel” loop around and between themselves, a captivating backdrop to the complex, spoken lyrics of the track. Think along the lines of La Dispute’s vibes, except Aversions would maybe be their cooler, more fun and upbeat younger brother.

Along with Brutal Poodle and Apathy Spells, the guys in Aversions will be playing at Red Gate Art Society on March 6th where they hope to have vinyl copies of the EP on hand for people to pick up in advance of the streaming platform release later this month.


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