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Written by Alexis Zygan

Cheat is a band that exemplifies the D-beat hardcore punk genre with politically fuelled lyrics and a distorted blend and guitar and drums — staying true to the style with no song going above 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

“Sterilization” hits it off with a soundbite of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s infamous jumble of words when asked how he and his family plans to reduce the use of plastics. A statement from the punk band about government’s own imperfections when it comes to humanitarian well-being. Cheat wonderfully blends political awareness with violently fervent noise. They are starting with addressing a topical issues relevant to our current state of affairs as we exist in an era of climate change. Influences from historically significant bands such as Discharge are visible from the intensity of sound presented by the demo.

“Please Kill Me” is a personal favourite, which genuinely exemplifies an anthem of angst for those stuck in the middle-of-butt-fuck nowhere, dejected, when the will to live is depleting. The distorted grinding sound of Cheat proves to add life and energy. The songs presented by this demo borderline on a mix of D-beat and Crust punk with the blend of heavier guitar-tones with the distinctive drumbeat.

The demo ends off with “Man the Fuck Up,” which addresses toxic masculinity, something that is ever-present in the music scene. You can imagine the crowd banging their heads to the track, shattering bottles, and the smashing of heads, stomping around. Overall, Cheat’s demo is an exemplary representation of intense yet complex D-Beat from a Valley band.

Catch them at the upcoming 12th Annual Vestival, happening Friday, November 29 in Chilliwack, BC.


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