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Album Review: Lord Sonny the Unifier | FINAL NOTICE!

Written by Slone Fox

Your card gets declined for something off the dollar menu, and when you get home, the locks are changed. A man who looks vaguely like Dog the Bounty Hunter has removed what few possessions you have, but has left your small stack of bright orange “payment due” letters scattered across the floor. Lord Sonny the Unifier's newest full-length album FINAL NOTICE! embodies the feelings surrounding all of these dismal experiences, emphasizing the sheer amount of effort that goes in to surviving on a day-to-day basis.

Lyrically speaking, Lord Sonny the Unifier (real name Gregory Jiritano) provides a call to action and a rebellion against all forms of injustice: greed, cruelty, tyranny, and an all-around lack of compassion in general. With an emphasis on empathy, Jiritano challenges the powers that be, from harmful social power structures to earth-harming organization. Whether you want to get riled up or to chill out, there’s a little bit of everything encapsulated within the eleven hard-hitting tracks.

FINAL NOTICE! is a crash course in radical caring, conveyed through the severely under-developed genre of biker psychedelia. It’s not an album that will hold your hand and protect your feelings, rather one that provides a laced-up leather boot kick to the face before tenderly bandaging you up. It’s eye-opening, knowledge-screaming, and everything else you didn’t know you needed.


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