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Album Review: The Jins | Death Wish EP

Written by James Scott

The Jins dropped their new EP Death Wish earlier this month. With the single “She Said” being praised, fans and newcomers alike have been wondering what was to come next from the band. What the Jins delivered is a smorgasbord of sounds, each with their own flavour. Though the fuzz guitar and punchy vocals are never compromised allowing the Jins to maintain their own flavour.

It wouldn’t be fair to call the band “post-grunge” though the grunge influences are apparent in tracks like “Throw it Away” and “Death Wish.” The EP finishes with a shift in the unironically titled track “Pop Song.” Although the track is catchier than some of the others, it still maintains that angsty anguish and really sells itself as an angry anthem for love.

The title track "Death Wish" examines the self destructive nature of not only the individual but society as a whole. The lyrics point this out literally in the second verse with “I’ve got a death wish, the world’s got one too/sellin’ hate shootin’ straight/maybe make the national news.” Despite what appears to be a heavy political message, the band certainly has fun with the music video for the track. In the video the band members dig their own graves while having one of the chillest backyard parties with the Grim Reaper. Watching Death down a bottle of Jack teeters between the uncanny and the humorous in a way that matches the Jins appeal perfectly.


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