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Written by Johnny Papan


When your logo is a stoned skunk happily smoking a joint, you paint a clear picture for listeners. Mother Trucker, the five-piece stoner rock band from West Vancouver have been blazing more than just riffs since assembling in the late 80s.

“When I first smoked hashish we were in a car listening to AC/DC and I fell in love with cannabis infused with music,” says Riffer, the guitarist and co-founder of the group. “Cannabis brings out the best in music to my ears and creativity in my mind.”

Over the course of its 30 year span, members of bands like SNFU, Chickenhawk, Fudgetongue, Funkyard, Blammo, Crown of Thorns and Blind Driver have rotated in and out of the Mother Trucker lineup.

Frontman Clay Cottsound was introduced to the band at the Dome, a building full of musicians and artists in East Van. This place would be a source of much creative inspiration for the band. That and psychoactives.

“Weed and hemp is a common theme. As is driving 4x4s, preferably over facist state ideals,” Cottsound says about his lyrics. “When I first joined I basically had all these songs to add lyrics to. [The song] ‘SNUH’ was done in a hurry for a compilation. The rest of the lyrics I came up with by locking myself in a room at the Dome and doing acid all weekend.”

Psychedelics have played a major role in each member of the band. For a while, the group reformed as Magically Delicious, before later reverting back to the Mother Trucker name. Other names considered were Puffnstuff and Busface.

“THC, mushrooms & LSD completely changed my view of our world and what you can do with your life,” Riffer states. “Psychedelics changed me as a person as I became more introspective and saw everything from a new perspective.”

“I think having different perspectives amplifies your empathy and self awareness,” Cottsound adds.

Drummer Guillermo Cascos Atronadores Boonco Morton was too high to comment.

After a long hiatus, the band recently reformed for their love of music and coming to terms with past life choices. Bassist G.O Karter says he joined the band because he needed to make more friends and be in more bands. At the end of the day, the group just wants to have some fun.

“Pick up an instrument, art supplies, paper to write on,” Riffer concludes. “Use your imagination and don't be discouraged by peeps without imagination. Discover who you are and be pleased with yourself and what you can accomplish as an individual.”

Rekt Chords and Leghound Booking Presents:


with Of Lesser Evil, Lou Danger and the Thrills

Quasicosm, Psychotron

at the Wolf Bar | February 22 2019


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