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by Jayne Wright

Photo by Darren Ho Media

Rambunctious islander trio Razorvoice is a hard-hitting group of softies who have found the perfect balance between serious and fun. Consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist Ben Wittrock with the current lineup of bassist Andrew Roddan and drummer Ian Olsen, the band offers a unique message of genuine positivity that shines through in their energetic beats

Razorvoice was birthed in 2014 in the city of dreams, Los Angeles, California. Wittrock was the teenage founder of the group and built the band with a vision of conveying one thing to its listeners – “a positive sonic escape through pure honest grunge-punk folk pop.”

With the release of their new album set to shake the coast on November 29, the band has been lead slightly off of their traditional punk path by the gentle hand of pop-punk.

“The name of the record is called Unmute,” says Wittrock. “Everybody's got their own voice and it deserves to be heard. Nobody should be muting themselves and keeping themselves quiet. You should just let go of any doubts and fears that are holding you back from saying what you want to say, and just create what you want to create and just have fun.”

Photo by Slone Fox

Razorvoice also has a unique view on the punk scene. Unlike many musical groups, their message isn’t focused around drugs, sex, and all the other repressions the music scene is infamously associated with. They instead focus on the notion that everyone faces struggles, and a way through those rough patches can be music and the power of human connection that comes along with it.

“The band is for anybody in a bad situation or a bad relationship or a bad environment, and if they need help with something they should raise their voice,” says Wittrock.“I truly believe that everyone's got their own creative voice and opinion. And if you raise it, you've got enough potential and energy to cut through any bullshit and just speak the truth. Even if it's going to hurt sometimes, the truth is better than covering anything up.”

As a band whose mission is to spread a light of positivity through kick ass tunes, the message comes through like a fist to the jaw in Unmute. Promising 11 earth-shattering tracks, Razorvoice is one to keep an eye on as they work toward their ultimate goal of playing 222 shows in 2020.


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