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Rekt Playlist: Riot Grrrls YVR

We teamed up with Nicolle Dupas of Strange Breed to put together our first major playlist, Riot Grrrls YVR! This Spotify-exclusive playlist is dedicated to female-centric* (trans, non-binary inclusive) punk, metal and garage rock artists from Vancouver, British Columbia! Click here to listen now!

Riot Grrrls YVR will be updated monthly. If you feel your band is fit for this playlist, you can submit here.

The playlist currently includes: Strange Breed, Unleash the Archers, Rong, Necking, Space Queen, Primp, Fallen Stars, Mecca Normal, Lie, The Pack A.D., the C. U. Next Tuesdays, Prxncxss Aprntly, Ophelia Falling, The Vth Circle, Anarcheon, Molly Be Damned, Phono Pony, Russian Tim and Pavel Bures, The Shit Talkers, Snackland, Kosm, Momy Fortuna, Land Line, Brutal Poodle and Cobra Ramone.

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