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5 Punk and Metal Bands to See at Rock N' Roll Pride 2021


Queer culture and heavy/hard music aren’t often associated with one another. Though there are undoubtedly many queer people in the scene, terms like “metalhead” and “punk” will often strike machismo imagery in one’s imagination whereas “queer music” is more likely to be associated with pop and dance genres.

Rock n’ Roll Pride is here to break the boundaries between LGBTQ+ culture and heavy music genres. Though the fest features a plethora of artists of various genres, festival director Jade Weekes of Support the Scene made a point to include hard and heavy acts with queer representation.

“I’ve noticed more of the all ages LGBTQ+ shows feature more... glitter and sparkles.. or... softer bands,” Weekes said in a previous interview about her last LGBTQ meets heavy music event, Identity Festival. “We have a great metal and punk scene here in Vancouver and I want it known and appreciated that you can be gay/lesbian/trans etc and also be edgy and hard and alternative.”

The free two-night livestream event takes place Saturday, July 31 and Sunday, August 1 via Support the Scene’s Twitch Channel. Click here to subscribe.

Here are 5 punk and metal acts to check out at this year’s festival:


Recently dropping their heavy-hitting new record, Execution, the five-piece pop-metal band are one of the hardest working groups in Vancouver. From doing crazy cover songs, to gaining momentum on TikTok, to writing downright filthy tunes, expect Fallen Stars to bring their A-game to Rock n’ Roll Pride.


Blood of the Phoenix has made a huge impact on the scene with their debut EP From What We Used to Know. Their metalcore-inspired sound perfectly blends heavy riffs with catchy, impactful choruses. This will be the band’s first performance since the sudden and tragic loss of guitarist, Bradley Hart and will surely be emotional, powerful and not one to miss.


Rong has earned their reputation as a mainstay in Vancouver’s rock scene. Signed to Kinda Cool Records, their energetic and eclectic sound mixes elements of punk, prog rock, glam and more. Chock-full of angst, Rong runs like a speed train and their performance will undoubtedly fuck your shit up.


While Space Queen’s self-titled debut EP set them in a psychedelic rock realm, it’s clear this three-piece all-female group is no one-trick-pony. With recent releases like the dreamy “When It Gets Light” and the gnarly true-to-form grunge rock banger “Battle Cry”, expect Space Queen to take you on a headbanger’s acid trip.


This trio from Toronto, Ontario blends elements of alternative metal, grunge and early 2000s hard rock. Taking influence from groups like Black Sabbath and Sonic Youth, Monstrosa's blend of heavy riffs and melodic vocals is meant to keep you dancing in the pit. Or in this case, from the comfort of your own home.

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