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Written by Alexis Zygan

Photo by Taya Foster


Storc’s latest release, II, entrances their listener with artfully arranged vocals and intense instrumentation. II represents a refined sound with a familiar heaviness that fans have grown fond of, audible articulations of fuzz-laden bass, thrashy guitars, pounding drums and impactful vocals.

Their self-titled debut album was recorded in eight hours but Storc delayed releasing the album for four and a half years before making it public in 2017 via Bandcamp. When it came to recording their second album II, the group splurged on two days in the studio. The extra time definitely yielded results.

“It made for a more mature, calculated tone,” says Forrister when referring to the benefit of extra time in the studio for II.

Because of the realities of life, jobs, families, etc, songwriting remains a more prolonged process for the busy bandmembers. These circumstances result in a long span between albums. However, it also means II represents a much more seasoned approach to making music. Although the tracks in each album do not follow a timeline II is a captivating album that amalgamates energetic punk riffs with spooky keyboard tones.

Guitarist Allen Forrister, drummer Ben Frith and bassist Matthew Lyons all played in multiple other bands before the formation of Storc. Vocalist Luke Meat has been a long-time supporter of the music scene.

“We’re insane record nerds,” Forrister states. “We take in a lot of music, and our output is just a visceral response to that.”

As a result, Storc has a range of musical influences from shock rock Alice Cooper, to heavy metal icons Black Sabbath and alternative rock pioneer The Replacements. “Shows to Got Ya” from II is very reminiscent of early Queens of the Stone Age. Meanwhile, “When It Reigns It Poors” is evocative of d-beat raw punk influence from Disclose.

Storc is approaching recording new content more proactively. Before their first album was even released, Storc had been already back in the recording studio for II dedicating two days to perfecting each track alongside Jesse Gander from Rain City Records. They also featured a Stephen Hamm on theremin and Emily Bach on the violin. Storc is already planning the release of their third record, which recorded this past January. Attention Vancouver Punk Scene... a lot is forthcoming from Storc in 2020.

Storc plays alongside T.S.O.L. at the Astoria on March 1.


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