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Written by Brie Dunphy


Energetic Vancouver punk rockers The Fallaways are set to drop their most vulnerable release yet. Featuring FIDLAR frontman Zac Carper at the Producer’s wheel for several tracks, Sunset Ave, named after the street the band lives on together, is nostalgic and commemorative to the time spent in their shared home. Having written all six songs in the space, it's only fitting to name the EP after where it all happened.

The EP’s first single “Dumb” was written after a whirlwind summer was beginning to wind down.

“I think we were just partying a lot that summer and [the song] was kind of about being over that,” says frontman Jason Koster, who is currently on a road trip to Alberta with guitarist Devon Lenchucha. Not to play a show, but to pick up a new puppy.

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“Even though ‘Dumb’ sounds like a party song, at the end of the day it's kind of this sad, depressing song. It's like a party rock song but it's got some substance to it which is hard to find.”

The song came together in just 20 minutes. Having just written “Dumb” the band had FIDLAR’s Zac Carper in mind as a perfect fit to work on the track. Koster decided to DM the fellow frontman on Instagram, still feeling the effects of liquid courage from the night before. Carper responded swiftly and before Koster knew it, he was scrambling to make a demo to send over to the interested producer. It wasn’t long before they were in the studio and Carper was working on three tracks.

“It was kind of surreal. I’ve been following FIDLAR since 2010 so that's when they were pretty small. Watching them grow and being able to work with him was pretty rad,” Koster says. “He didn't take anything too seriously, but serious enough to get us sounding good.”

Overall, the record is taken from life experience. Shortly after the band finished recording with Carper, Koster decided to take a break and go sober. “Feeling Low”, the EP’s newest single, was written after what was described to be a hellish Canadian tour. The band’s lifestyle over the past year had started to catch up with him.

“Everybody just kind of hated each other towards the end cause we were all worn down. Our bus broke down, we had to sell it for parts for 200 dollars. Shit hit the fan,” The singer recalls. “The pre-chorus is ‘feeling low’ over and over. That basically just kept me going sober and being okay with that for four months. I'm not gonna never drink a beer again in my life but, like, there's times and places.”

Sunset Ave is out now.


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