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Written by Alexis Ola Zygan

Fallen Fest represents the mutual fondness for alternative music within the scene, featuring various genres including punk rock, post-hardcore, folk and garage rock. According to show organizer, Jade Weekes, also of Support the Scene, the fest allows bands not heavy enough for metal festivals and too intense for indie rock to showcase their talents for one full day on February 20.

In addition to ensuring inclusivity in an industry that is often dominated by male musicians, the fest is LGBTQ+ inclusive and features a lineup showcasing an assortment of talent from the Pacific Northwest. Fallen Fest returns for a second year, with an impressive queue, accompanied by an affordable price tag that leaves you enough cash leftover to tip your bartender and buy a brew for your favourite musician.

Fallen Fest 2020 takes place at the New West Front in New Westminster. In addition to a plethora of rock bands, the festival includes a mix of jokes and drag queen realness. Drag performers include Curry Bradshaw, Fonda Vit, Don Ramones and the best from Vancouver’s alternative scene. Comedians Amber Harper-Young and Juno Mac will keep the crowd laughing in between sets. Vendors sell merch so you can support your favourite band and they can continue making new records.

From morning until late engaging live music performances. Some acts to be looking out for this year, include:


Strange Breed demonstrates that 90's angry feminist punk rock is here to stay with their full-length album, Permanence. They are a hard-hitting modern mix of alternative rock and riot girl grunge, the underground movement stemmed from revolutionary acts such as Hole, Bikini Kill, L7 and more, Strange Breed uses its platform to vouch for a culture of consent, trans rights, and against gender discrimination. They have been elevating since the release of their radio-rock single, “Closer”, and are certainly a group to keep your eyes on.


Travelling across the border from Washington, Siren's Rain exemplifies the diverse genre aptitude of musicians. Their unparalleled songs blend traditional folk with death metal. Immerse yourself in a cacophony of shrieking vocals amidst the tender flute and eloquent mandolin. Experience the music as it embraces themes of rebirth, renewal and revival. A manner universally experienced by humanity and beyond. The instrumental melodies of Siren's Rain will have festival-goers humming in ecstasy.


Fallen Stars is an act that embodies versatility within the metal scene. The band was founded by their driving force to create music that instigates a crowd-reaction. The group is composed of members whose experience executes proficiency in guitar, drums, and performance art. Their single ‘My Heart’ has seen airplay all over the world and their newest EP, Judgement, proves Fallen Stars are no amateurs. Each track elicits skill, precision and listenability.


When you stumble onto the AK-747’s Facebook page, you are greeted by a banner that says "The year is 2020, civilization has progressed little in the past ten years.” This cynical antidote is a representation of AK-747s musical themes. The band lyrically explores topics such as murder, carnage, betrayal and police brutality. Despite their cynism, the self-defined “weird punk” band stays real with gnawingly-grim themes and hard-hitting beats.


A band that stitches together heavy riffs, fast-paced rhythms and thought-provoking lyrics, Social Silence hopes to evoke critical thinking through their fierce yet symphonic harmonies. The intensity of their performance guarantees catharsis release. Their tone is inspired by classic heavy metal act Black Sabbath and crust punk Leftover Crack. So join the moshpit and let out the rage.


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